Scott Elliott

Scott is the eight-time winner of the Pikes Peak Ascent, including a stretch of 6 years out of 7, with a second place in-between. Although by all accounts one of the most grueling and difficult mountain races, his best time in the Ascent ranks in the top five all-time and has two sub-2:10:00 ascents. Over his career, Scott holds the record for the Pikes Peak Ascent for the longest gap between wins of 17 years (first in 1987 and last in 2004) and more recently assisted and advised Kim Dobson in her training leading up to her record-breaking Pikes Peak Ascent victory.

In stair climb competitions, Scott won the Empire State Building Run-Up (a former record holder), won the original stair climb in Denver, the 1999 Broadway Stair Climb four times (and held that record as well).

In perhaps more traditional road racing, Scott racked up at least six wins at the Golden-Leaf Half Marathon from Snowmass to Aspen. He also won the Imogene Pass Run. In road relays, he was a member of a record-breaking team for the Hood-to-Coast relay (considered the most prestigious road relay in the United States).

Turning to “Races to the top of a mountain”, Scott won the Mt. Evans Ascent in a new record (since broken). He is the four-time winner of the Mt. Baldy Run-To-The-Top in California.

Scott is a long-time Macinstosh computer consultant, currently employed by a Design/Advertising agency (Moxie Sozo) in Boulder.  He also coaches runners on the side.