Danelle Ballengee



•  Four-time Pikes Peak Marathon winner

•  Six-time, four-sport U.S. Athlete of the Year

•  Unbeaten in snowshoeing 1997 to 2001

•  Multisport Athlete of the Year (‘95)

•  U.S. Pro Duathlete of the Year (’97)

•  U.S. Mountain Runner of the Year (’99)

Danelle Ballengee, “Coach Nellie”, is known as one of the world’s premier adventure sports athletes, boasting four Pikes Peak Marathon wins, three Primal Quest adventure race victories, and six “U.S. Athlete of the Year” wins in four sports. She is the top-winning endurance athlete in the world, having won several hundred events in various endurance sports including skyrunning, adventure racing, mountain running, rogaining, snowshoeing, triathlon, and duathlon. In 2006, she survived an incredible accident where she was stranded for 56 hours with a shattered pelvis when she fell about 60 feet after slipping on an icy rock while trail running near Moab, Utah. Today, Danelle is married with two young sons and splits her time between Dillon, CO and Moab, UT.

Danelle at Pikes Peak Summit in 2005. (Photo: multisports.com)

Danelle at Pikes Peak Summit in 2005. (Photo: multisports.com)

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