Rick Trujillo

Rick Trujillo is considered a pioneer in the sport of mountain running, earning his reputation as an

Rick Trujillo 1977-- Pikes Peak Marathon, on the Golden Stairs

Rick Trujillo 1977– Pikes Peak Marathon, on the Golden Stairs

elite and unconventional runner over his long career.  Trujillo enjoyed an early cross-country running career in high school and college, but later preferred mountain running.  He is a five-time champion of the Pikes Peak Marathon, holding the course record from 1973-1982.  He founded the Imogene Pass Run, winning the race several times and holding the course record from 1974-1985.  In 1995, at age 47, Trujillo ascended Colorado’s 54 14,000-foot peaks in record time of 15 days, nine hours, and 55 minutes.  He also won the Hardrock 100 Mile Run (66,000 feet of ascent and descent with average elevation of 11,000 feet) in 1996.  Trujillo has never yielded to traditional training conventions, making his achievements that much more impactful.


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